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La Paloma 40

table orange 77 The food at La Paloma is created by Chef Prasuna, who developed her passion for cooking as a child, learning from her mother in Tuscany and then by traveling in different countries refining her expertise in fusing Italian recipes with spices and flavours of other cuisines. Her creativity and passion along with the great team in the kitchen always manage to bring to the table unique dishes. At La Paloma, we choose to keep the menu small so we can concentrate on offering fresh dishes rather than a larger choice.


table dove 77 Many of our ingredients come directly from Italy, like the Parmesan cheese (made in the original traditional way) or the capers from Pantelleria, in Sicily. Our main courses always include 2 types of pasta (once a week is homemade pasta day), one choice of risotto, two meat dishes - one of them being our famous Solomillo (steak fillet) with balsamic vinegar and thyme sauce, one fish dish (always fresh) and one Bio Plate that is totally organic and vegan, and very tasty!


table orange 77 We change our main courses and some of our starters every week. There are always 8 or 9 starters, including our famous mixed salad from our vegetable garden or a mixed Tuscan antipasti with charcuterie and cheeses flown in specially from a small farm in Tuscany. We try to use organic or local products as much as possible, like our mozzarella made by an Italian in Ibiza. When we cannot find products that we need locally we source them from small farms with quality products, like our Spanish olive oil that has won awards in Cataluña for its excellence.


table dove 77 Our Menu can change weekly or even more often depending on what’s available in the market and in season. All of the bread we serve at La Paloma is baked daily at our own bakery. We also have our own vegetable garden, where we grow veggies, flowers and aromatic herbs. We like to keep the dishes simple, but at the same time behind every plate there is a long preparation and research for only the best ingredients.