dummy " It’s a one-world spirit where everyone is welcome" dummy

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dummy La Paloma was born in 2004, through the desire of one family to create a restaurant in harmony with the authentic beauty of the island. When we first found the place, it was a run down finca. We started very small, not really knowing what it would become, but knowing that we wanted to offer fresh homemade food and a simple friendly atmosphere. dummy

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table orange 77 A dear friend gave us the idea to brighten up the dark finca using light blue and white as colours. And so we did. Another dear friend and artist, offered her help by painting flowers and birds on the walls. And so little by little, with the help of friends, locals and a bit of magic the place started to create itself. Located in the middle of the island, in the small village of San Lorenzo, where there is only a church, a school, and one local bar, the restaurant sits in the midst of citrus orchards laden in winter with oranges, tangerines & lemons, and delighting us in spring with the fragrance of their flowers...

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tablefull 77 We are a big family, so naturally this is the air you breathe here in La Paloma and children are always welcome! Sometimes we organize music evenings in the garden. We try to create new tastes and a unique atmosphere making it a special experience for our guests, not just a meal. We like to be happy and to see people having a good time is a great blessing for us!!! sheeps alfa iloveyou 1 The Atmosphere

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table orange 77 “ We had one child, two broken cars and a few things from our house in Italy. My auntie drove our old Renault 5 with our mattress and the cot on the car roof to Ibiza. We were like a gypsy family moving from one place to another. We drove from Tuscany to Genoa to take the boat to Ibiza with our ‘79 Mercedes and the Renault 5. We had all of our furniture on the top. This is how we arrived. We had no idea what would happen. It must have been a crazy sight. " Mouji pumpkin

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